Prince’s Trust International:

Prince’s Trust International was founded in 2015 by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales to tackle the global crisis of youth unemployment, building on over four decades of experience in the UK. Their mission is to empower young people to learn, work and thrive by providing opportunities to develop the skills and confidence to succeed. Their model ensures that we are able to tailor our programmes to local needs, identifying gaps in ongoing provision.

Prince’s Trust International works in 13 countries across Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe and the Middle East delivering a variety of youth
programmes in the fields of education, employability, entrepreneurship, and personal development. Prince’s Trust International is committed to amplifying the voices of young people on the global stage and putting their needs at the very heart of the design and delivery of their work.

“Enterprise Challenge Pakistan has given young people their first glimpse of running a business and motivated the job creators of the future. It is inspiring to see the ideas generated by young people which are increasingly combining social impact and environmental sustainability with viable business models. We are proud of the partnership that has been built with SEED over a number of years.
Will Straw
CEO, Prince’s Trust International



Social, Entrepreneurship and Equity Development – SEED is an ecosystem development organization and is working in Pakistan to develop the enterprise and social enterprise landscape in the country. The organization has over a decade of experience working across the entrepreneurial ecosystem with different domain players.

Our endeavors range from: policy advocacy and structuring legislations conducive for entrepreneurial development, creating access to finance through fund management and impact investment, developing entrepreneurial capacity, and working towards building the right culture and market
that supports the growth of entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, and employment generation in the country.

“Enterprise Challenge Pakistan is a programme very close to our hearts. Over the last 4 years, PTI and SEED have transformed young people’s mindset from job seekers to job creators across Pakistan. In light of the pandemic, both organization’s quickly pivoted to an online delivery to ensure that young people received the support they deserve. We look forward to continuing our relationships with our brilliant partners and sponsors in the future.”
Shaista Ayesha