Prince’s Trust International:

Prince’s Trust International is the most recent addition to The Prince’s Charities, formally launched in 2015 as a result of the extraordinary success of His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales’s youth charity, The Prince’s Trust.  Over 40 years The Prince’s Trust has helped more than 825,000 disadvantaged young people across the United Kingdom to turn their lives around; three in four young people supported move into work, education or training.

Prince’s Trust International has been created to build on the success of The Prince’s Trust. By sharing its experience and expertise with governments, not for profit organisations and businesses around the world who are similarly seeking to help young people get into work, education or training. By supporting and collaborating with delivery partners Prince’s Trust International helps cement local relationships and allows the sharing of best practice through their growing international network, ensuring programme sustainability and quality outcomes for young people.

Prince’s Trust International is delighted to partner with SEED Ventures in bringing Enterprise Challenge to Pakistan.
It is important for young people to develop their knowledge of business skills and consider their career options from a young age”


SEED – Social, Entrepreneurship and Equity Development – serves as a platform for the development and facilitation of entrepreneurship in Pakistan, and supports the growth of this ecosystem through training, education, curriculum development, incubation and mentoring. It holds the unique status of being a repository of knowledge creating a sphere of a diverse range of information – be it academic, theoretical, practical and/or experiential – for visionaries and entrepreneurs, particularly those with a social mandate.

The company strongly believes in the potential of partnerships. It has revolutionized collaborations with the public and private sector by ensuring constant interaction with relevant stakeholders not as isolated processes for commercial purposes, but providing value proposition for all including the community through fruitful collaborations.

SEED understands that young minds are eager to learn, and prove to be the most receptive audience. Hence, enhancing their business acumen and instilling the idea of entrepreneurship in young minds during their adolescent years, would not only encourage them to explore this promising avenue, but will also positively impact the country’s economy in the long run.