The Enterprise Challenge Pakistan team comprises of young and experienced individuals who are highly motivated towards delivering impact. We value creativity, passion and commitment and believe it is the driving force behind the successful delivery of the programme.


  • Shaista Ayesha : CEO and Director, SEED
  • Talib-uz-Zaman – Head of Projects, SEED

Management team:

  • Mariyam Toor : Project Lead, Enterprise Challenge Pakistan – SEED
  • Areej Al- Medinah : Project Coordinator, ECP
  • Rubab Qizilbash : Project Coordinator, ECP
  • Asfandyar Ashraf : Project Coordinator, ECP

Support team:

  • Junaid Quadri: Project Execution Support
  • Gulbaz Khan : Administration Manager
  • Muhammad Ali : Creative Manager

Did you know?

In the first year of execution, Enterprise Challenge Pakistan, received 2000+ registrations from all across the country.