Overview of the programme:

Enterprise Challenge Pakistan (ECP), an initiative of the Prince’s Trust International, (UK), is a pan-Pakistan competition for secondary school students which aims to instill knowledge and provide exposure to entrepreneurship through interaction with mentors from the industry, an exciting business simulation game and other educational content.

In light of the situation created by COVID-19, we are proud to be launching Digital Enterprise Challenge Pakistan (ECP) 2020 in collaboration with the Prince’s Trust International. This programme is due to be launched in October 2020 and the National Finals will take place online in December 2020.

About ECP

Enterprise Challenge Pakistan has been running in Pakistan since 2016. In 2018 alone, we successfully engaged 12, 000+ students from 70 schools across 30 cities in Pakistan. The programme runs over a course of 6 weeks and cumulates in students being prepared to pitch enterprise ideas to a panel of esteemed judges. The winning team receives seed money of 3000 GBP while the runner-up team receives 2000 GBP to upstart their enterprise ideas. The winners will be given one-to-one mentorship to support their enterprise ventures.


ECP will run over a period of 6 weeks, starting in the first week of October. Each week, students will be expected to dedicate 2 – 3 hours a week which will involve watching online educational content, completing team activities and attending live sessions with their assigned mentors.

How it will work

All students participating in this programme will be required to download Microsoft Teams Education application on your smart device in order to participate in the programme. Support from students is a vital part of the process. Students will be working together in teams of 5, each team supervised by a teacher. A minimum of 2 hrs per week would be required from the students and teachers to take part in the programme. After a 6-week mentorship, teams will be able to pitch enterprise ideas to a panel of esteemed judges.

Please note: students cannot register for this programme independently. They must register through their school. Teacher support is essential for their participation as teachers will monitor and support their progress over the course of the programme.

Online Tools:

Since the programme is going to be online this time, ECP will be utilizing Microsoft Teams Education as the primary platform. Students, teachers and mentors from all around Pakistan will be able to participate from the comfort of their homes and schools. Followings things will be available to the students participating:

  • Pre-recorded Content Videos
  • Live Mentor Sessions
  • Business Simulation Game: Pop-up
  • Other activities which will train students about enterprise concepts and skills.
ECP Begins
ECP Ends